Prof. Dr. Godelieve Gheysen



Godelieve Gheysen is the UGent director of IPBO. She takes care of the daily government of the institute and is responsible for all biodiversity related projects.

She is professor of molecular genetics at the Department of Molecular Biotechnology – Faculty of Bioscience Engineering of Ghent University. She teaches the courses Molecular Biology and Genetics, Gene Technology and Plant Biotechnology. G. Gheysen is a member of the scientific comittee for transgenic plants, advising the Belgian biosafety council.

Godelieve Gheysen has studied biology and did her Phd at the Laboratory of Genetics on the mechanism of T-DNA integration in plant chromosomes. Her current research is focused on the molecular interaction between plants and endoparasitic nematodes and on the use of DNA markers for the analysis of plant breeding and biodiversity.


Tel           +32 9 264 58 88