Dr. Jan Leemans

Jan Leemans

Dr. Jan Leemans is member of the Steering Committee of IPBO since its foundation in 2000. He is the former (1984-1999) research director of Plant Genetics, now Bayer CropScience, Belgium. Previously he has been member of the board of Hoechst Shering AgrEvo, Germany, of Nunza , The Netherlands, of CropDesign, Belgium and of Devgen , Belgium.
Dr. Jan Leemans has studied chemistry at the Free University of Brussels and holds a PhD from the same University. He is an advisor of the S.M. Sehgal Foundation, India. Currently he is on the Board of Solynta B.V., The Netherlands, of Agrosafve N.V., Belgium and of Misr Hytech, Egypt.


Email Jan.Leemans@orange.fr