Dr. Suri Sehgal


Dr. Suri SeghalThe S M Sehgal Foundation was established in 1999 to support research and development in the fields of agricultural genetics and reproductive health. The Foundation is a non – profit organization endowed by the Sehgal Family . All initiative supported by the Foundation are designed to promote long term sustainable development. Accordingly, the Foundation seeks to promote understanding of the complex issues at the interface between advances in agricultural genetic research and reproductive health. Since women and children comprise the largest part of the agricultural work force in India, developments in agricultural genetics or in reproductive health can have important consequences for each other. The Foundation`s focus is therefore on matters important to rural areas and on women as key decision makes and primary health and other care providers.
The Founder and Chairman of S M Sehgal Foundation is Dr. Suri Sehgal. Suri Sehgal holds a Ph.D in Plant Genetics from Harvard University, and a diploma in business management from Harvard Business School.
He is the former Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Board of Plant Genetic Systems of Belgium, now Aventis Crop Science Company. He is the Founder and Chairman of Proagro Seed Company Ltd., India and Founder and Chairman of Sehgal Family Foundation.
 At the Inauguration of the IPBO on the 13th of June 2000, Dr. Suri Sehgal offered a generous cheque to Prof. Van Montagu. This way, the S M Sehgal Foundation enabled Prof. Van Montagu to start up the Institute for Plant Biotechnology for Developing Countries.