Dr. Yu-Haey KUO


Dr. Yu-Haey Dianna Kuo, obtained a B.Sc. in 1971 at the Dpt. of Plant Pathology and Entomology in the National Taiwan University and a M. Sc. in 1973 at the Dpt. of Botany and Plant Physiology in Michigan State University.
Afterwards she did a PhD at the Lab of Biochemistry, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences in Ghent University.
Since 1984 she has been involved in research on neurotoxins and non-protein amino acids in legumes and other food plants at the Laboratory of Physiological Chemistry at the Faculty of Medicine, Ghent University.
Since 2003 she has joined IPBO and is mainly working on grass pea, Lathyrus sativus, and the link with the human diseases lathyrism.