‘Well Fed’ Movie Screening & Debate with Filmmakers – 25 September (19:00-22:00)
Are you food privileged or food deprived?
Facing the truth about food security and GMOs in Europe & abroad.

You are invited to join us for a special movie screening and panel debate about the Dutch documentary “Well Fed” (with English sub-titles), hosted by the International Plant Biotechnology Outreach cell of the VIB (Vlaams Instituut voor Biotechnologie) in partnership with Europabio, as part of European Biotech Week. Join the two filmmakers Karsten de Vreugd and Hidde Boersma as well as other distinguished panellists to explore and discuss the issue of food security and GMOs from a European and global perspective.Should you wish to attend, please register by 18 September at latest using the button below, as seats are limited.

IPBO Conference: Scientific innovation for a sustainable development of African agriculture l August 30-31 2018 l Ghent, Belgium

The overall objective of this conference was to bring different researchers from Belgium/Europe and Africa, working on different topics in agriculture and/or plant biotechnology, together to get to know each other’s research, discuss the research outcomes and to establish future collaborations. The aim was to focus on the improvement of crops that are important for African agriculture, including orphan crops. Because many of these important crops suffer from the same threats, different stakeholders (breeders, policymakers and researchers) from all over the world came together, discussed about these constraints for different crops (important for Africa) and initiated or further developed collaborations.

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Movie Screening “Food evolution” and debate about the benefits of and concerns about applying modern biotechnology in agriculture


As one of the activities of Biotech Week 2017 we organize a debate on the role of modern biotechnologies in sustainable agriculture, the concept of responsible innovation, and whether the EU can benefit from agricultural biotechnologies and innovation, including GMOs, while maintaining high safety standards.

The seminar will start with the documentary “Food Evolution”, directed by Academy Award-nominated director Scott Hamilton Kennedy.

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8th Meeting of the IOBC/WPRS working group: GMOs in integrated Plant Production


IPBO was co-organizer of the “8th Meeting of the IOBC/WPRS working group: GMO’s in integrated plant production”. The following topics were be covered during the meeting: (i) Modern biotechnology in integrated crop management; (ii) Risk assessment of GM plants including products from the public sector; iii) Plant protection products produced by GMOs, including microbials and microorganisms; (iv) Plants using RNAi technology to provide pathogen or insect resistance; (v) New plants derived from biotechnology (including genome editing) and their potential for IPM; (vi) Insect resistance management strategies of GM crops and (vii) GM insects for agriculture.

IIBN 2017 Forum: Biotechnology: From innovation to industrial production l 10 May 2017 l Ghent, Belgium

Picture Forum 2017

In many parts of the world a knowledge-based bio-economy is emerging using eco-efficient bio-processes and renewable biological resources to create new value chains. These innovations are enabled by unprecedented advances in biotechnology offering new technological solutions for sustainable agricultural development and the production of food, feed, fiber, energy and improved health care from renewable biomass or underutilized biological resources.
The 2017 IIBN Forum brought together experts in the area of biotechnology who addressed the industrial chain from innovation to the market side. The focus was to promote value creation beyond food production to support sustainable development in Africa and other developing countries.

Second Conference of the International Society for Plant Molecular Pharming l 25-27 May 2016 l Ghent, Belgium


During this scientific meeting, the state of the art of leading molecular farming projects will be presented in oral and poster sessions, providing a platform for dissemination of the latest developmental trends but also offering the opportunity for budding groups and young researchers to showcase their research and develop their network. The conference will cover different topics including antibody and vaccine production, modified glycosylation, secondary metabolites, clinical trial results, intellectual property rights and tech-transfer, and a panel discussion by experts in the field will complete the meeting. During a ‘meet-the-expert lunch’, the participants will also have the opportunity to interact with technical experts in protein purification and antibody library screening, answering the technical queries of the attendees.

In all, we aspire to provide a comprehensive coverage of science around the interdisciplinary topic of plant molecular farming covered by expert speakers in the field.

IIBN 2015 Forum: Towards a Generic Market for Genetically Modified Crops – Potential for Emerging and Developing Economies l 19 June 2015 l Ghent, Belgium

Event - AfficheRecently, the US patent on one of the first and commercially most successful  GM crops expired, opening the prospect of generic GM crop products. Similar to the pharmaceutical sector, a  market for generic GM crops could become a game-changer in the agricultural sector by providing seed at reduced cost and by diversifying GM seed and related businesses.

During the 2015 IIBN Forum leading experts in agricultural biotechnology assessed the opportunity and conditions for establishing a generic market for GM crops, in particular for emerging and developing economies.
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Merging Ecology & Biotechnology for a sustainable Agriculture l 22 April 2015 l Ghent, Belgium

With this symposium, we aimed to exchange ideas on the global future of agriculture and to look at sustainable agriculture both from an ecological and biotechnological point of view.

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30 Years of Plant Biotechnology: A forum on Global Agriculture and Forestry. l 13 November 2013 l Ghent, Belgium

figuur aankondigingDuring this forum, speakers and public shared their viewpoints on priorities and action points needed to harness innovations in green biotechnology for developing economically viable and environmentally sustainable forestry and farming systems in emerging and developing countries.

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