Presentations: Scientific innovation for a sustainable development of African agriculture

 Welcome session

Aurélie Nowack Huser (VIB, Belgium): Welcome at VIB
Patrick Van Damme (UGent, Belgium): The Africa Platform of Ghent University Association: more than 10 years of building academic collaboration with Africa
Marc Van Montagu (IPBO, Belgium): From knowledge to wisdom


Keynote 1

Denis Kyetere (AATF, Kenya): The role and contribution of plant breeding and plant biotechnology to sustainable agriculture in Africa


Session 1: Relevant crops for Africa

Yves Van de Peer (VIB-UGent, Belgium): The African Orphan Crops consortium
Hervé Vanderschuren (University of Liége, Belgium): Stories from the lab, stories from the field: advancing tropical crop biotechnology
Patrick Rüdelsheim (Perseus, Belgium): Stewardship in biotechnology: challenges for African crops
Habtu Shumoy Abraha (UGent, Belgium): Compositional and nutritional properties of Tef and Tef-based food products


Session 2: Creating new plant varieties through scientific innovation

Leena Tripathi (IITA, Kenya): Genetic improvement of bananas with enhanced resistance to pathogens and pests
Jill Cairns (CIMMYT, Zimbabwe): Increasing genetic gain in maize breeding pipelines in eastern and southern Africa
Macy Merriman/Filip Cnudde (Corteva Agriscience, Belgium): Developing the full potential of current plant varieties through scientific innovation
Rose Wangari (KALRO, Kenya): Yield stability and farmer preference of Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata, L.) lines in different agro-ecological zones of Eastern Kenya


Session 3: Biotic stresses threatening crop yields

Geert Haesaert (UGent, Belgium): Toxigenic fungi and their associated mycotoxins: a threat for crop production and food safety in Sub-Sahara Africa
Johnnie Van den Berg (North-West University, South Africa): Possible management strategies for Fall Armyworm, a threat to African maize farmers
Steven Runo (Kenyatta University): Exploiting host resistance to manage the parasitic plant Striga
Victoria Bulegeya (Ilonga Agriculture Research Institute, Tanzania): Selection for coupling phase recombination between potyvirus resistance and white endosperm color in maize preferred by farmers in Sub Saharan Africa
Igor Yelome (UGent, Belgium): Exploring genetic diversity and disease response of cultivated rice accessions against Pyricularia oryzae under rainfed upland conditions in Benin


Session 4: Abiotic stresses threatening crop yields

Dirk Inzé (VIB-UGent PSB, Belgium): Strategies for improving drought tolerance and yield in maize
Zerihun Tadele (University of Bern, Switzerland): Lodging and drought resistant Tef
Ndiko Ludidi (University of Western Cape, South Africa): Comparative proteomics: a tool for understanding drought tolerance in African grain crops
Pieterjan De Bauw (KU Leuven, Belgium): Combined phosphorus and water management options towards sustainable intensification of rice production in P-deficient lowlands of sub-Saharan Africa
Ronica Mukaro (Crop breeding institute, Zimbabwe): Identification of stable and high yielding heat tolerant maize hybrids and associated secondary traits


Session 5: Mycotoxins, a threat for both human and animal health

Sarah De Saeger (UGent, Belgium): Mycotoxin reduction in the food and feed chain: challenges and perspectives in a changing world
Sheila Okoth (University of Nairobi, Kenya): Aflatoxin human exposure and Aspergillus flavus variability in 2 diverse environments in Kenya
Myriam De Haan (Botanic Garden Meise, Belgium): Exploring Myxomycetes for possible applications as antagonists in biocontrol of plant pathogens


Session 6: Improved soil fertility to enhance crop yield

Johan Six (ETH Zurich, Switzerland): Improving soil fertility to enhance crop yields: from science to practice
Pascal Boeckx (UGent, Belgium): Towards integrated intensification of cocoa agroforestry productivity (presentation not available)


Session 7: Enhancing the nutritional value of important crops for Sub Saharan Africa

Dominique Van Der Straeten (UGent, Belgium): Towards a solution for hidden hunger: folate bioforticiation of crop plants
Robert Mwanga (CIP, Uganda): Orange-fleshed sweetpotato
Jerome Kubiriba (NARO, Uganda): Biotechnology will boost banana industry to impact Uganda’s development


Keynote 2

Jeremy Ouédraogo (NEPAD-ABNE, Senegal): The role of scientific research and innovation in the implementation of a sustainable intensified African Agriculture