Prof. Marc Van Montagu has dedicated his career to science with the strong conviction that the promotion of knowledge and technology are vital for addressing the grand societal challenges. Plant biotechnology is one of the disciplines in science that can be used to tackle food security, malnutrition and climate change mitigation. What matters is bringing technology to those who need it the most. The International Plant Biotechnology Outreach (IPBO) platform, established in 2000, has created the “Marc and Nora Van Montagu (MNVM) Fund” with the aid of the King Baudouin Foundation.

This Fund will support:

  1. Research projects which are valuable for Africa, and which focus on sustainable agriculture and agro-industry.

  2. Communication initiatives in developing countries addressing a wide audience to underline the importance of plant biotechnology for society.

  3. Capacity building projects to improve knowledge of plant breeding, plant biotechnology and related biosafety and regulatory frameworks.

The MNVM fund will foster project development and partnerships with Africa, a mission we can only achieve with the generous contributions of individuals or institutes who support our cause.