Risk assessment is the pillar for adequate risk management and decision-making. Hazard identification is the most important component of any risk assessment.
DTREEv2 adds to the existing guidelines by structuring the risk assessment approach and indicating where and when decisions should be made in order to proceed with the risk assessment, terminate the process or consider the collection of further data.
DTREEv2 is not intended to be an expert system providing out of the box safety assessment. Instead, it engages people to think about and assess their initiative. DTREEv2 will benefit risk assessors and regulators in government and industry as well as researchers in process of developing a transgenic plant by allowing them to comprehensively and systematically indentify GM-plant related hazards. In addition it can serve as an invaluable training tool.
  • Address need for a priori GM plant hazard identification within existing RA procedures and regulatory frameworks
  • EU oriented, designed following the EFSA approach
  • Apply on a case-a-case basis
  • NOT an expert system providing a complete safety assessment
  • Engages people to think about their initiative
Dtreev2 was developed within the framework FURARN. The Flanders-UNIDO Risk Assessment Research Network (FURARN) was an international coordination action project funded by the Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO Vlaanderen) and UNIDO. The aim of the network was to bring together scientists and biosafety experts with complementary expertise in fields allowing the risk assessment of a GMO.