Aim of the project

SOCBIOLogo_ERAfricaAfri aims to contribute to research on privately and publicly financed biotechnology innovations in Africa,relating these to requirements for elaborating effective policy frameworks for biotechnology in Africa. It also aims to contribute to capacity-building in the analysis of biotechnology and in policy development.


Research questions

  • What are the key differences between biotechnology-based agriculture projects in Africa as compared to current dominant agricultural farm systems in Africa with respect to the social and environmental consequences?
  • What are the key differences between commercially/privately funded and publicly funded biotechnology projects in several African countries with respect to the role of and socioeconomic impact on stakeholders, the choice of crops, IPR, required farm systems etc.?
  • What are the perceptions of stakeholders concerning the role of biotechnology in food security, food sovereignty, socioeconomic infrastructure and the environment? How can stakeholder interests and their views be represented in participatory decision-making procedures and innovation processes with respect to biotechnology policies?
  • What forms of biotechnology can support local African agricultural practices?

Project partners

  • University of Groningen/Netherlands (Lead Partner)
    Prof. Dr. Sjaak Swart, Prof. Dr. Henny Van der Windt, Dr. Peter Wessie, Prof. Dr. Joost Herman and Prof. Dr. Menno Gerkema
  • National Biosafety Authority / Kenya
    Prof. Dr. Dorington O. Ogoyi and Prof. Dr. Edward K. Nguu
  • North West University (NWU) / South Africa
    Prof.Dr. Johnnie van den Berg, Dr. Jan-Hendrik Groenewald and Mr. James Rhodes
  • Ghent University and IPBO / Belgium
    Prof. Dr. Godelieve Gheysen, Prof. Dr. Stijn Speelman, Prof. Dr. Ivan Ingelbrecht and Dr. Sylvie De Buck
  • Université Libre de Bruxelles / Belgium
    Prof. Dr. Mongher El Jarizi and Dr. Marie Baucher
  • University de Ouagadougou / Burkina Faso
    Prof. Dr. Fatoumata Badini and Prof. Dr. Jean-Baptiste Ouedraogo

    Kick-off meeting, October 2014, Brussels

About ERAFrica

ERAfrica generates great interest in the research community and meets its aim of promoting equal partnerships. The slogan of ERAfrica “New Knowlegde partnerships” covers its central message: Africa and Europe act as equal partners in a new approach towards joint funding in S&T. ERAfrica stimulates cooperative ventures between Africa and Europe and offers a new opportunity for joint research and innovation partnerships. From the 124 project proposals, 17 were funded, representing 65 institutions in 18 different countries (10 European and 8 African).
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