Mission of IIBN

IIBN fosters sustainable applications of biotechnology for innovative farming and inclusive industrial development with a focus on low and middle income countries.

IIBN’s niche

IIBN is a responsive, not-for-profit stakeholder network. By catalyzing synergies and partnerships, IIBN augments international cooperation opportunities, leverages resources, and attracts investments in R&D and capacity building supportive of the IIBN engages in mapping the needs and opportunities in developing and emerging economies through knowledge and information sharing, fact finding missions, and stakeholder meetings.

IIBN also catalyzes initiatives that strengthen human capacities, develop or adapt biotechnology methods and products to the conditions in low and middle-income countries.

The VIB-Ghent University, International of Plant Biotechnology Outreach serves as a first point of contact for enquiries about expertise available in the IIBN network and opportunities for capacity building and project development.

IIBN’s structure and governance

IIBN is an international stakeholder network with four Founding Members from Burkina Faso, Brazil, China and Belgium and two Patron Agencies, the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and Flanders Government. IIBN has a governance structure consisting of the Founders Committee and a Secretariat. The Founders Committee is composed of the four Founding Members and the two Patron Agencies with following representatives:

    • Prof Diran Makinde for the African Biotechnology Network of Expertise, AU-NEPAD, Burkina Faso
    • Prof Maria Fatima Grossi de Sa for the Center of ENERGEN, EMBRAPA, Brazil
    • Mr Junhua Wu for the Guangxi Academy of Sciences, China
    • Em Prof Marc Van Montagu for the Institute of Plant Biotechnology Outreach, VIB-UGent, Belgium
    • Dr Yvonne Lokko for the UNIDO, Austria
    • Dr Monika Sormann for the Flanders Government through the Dept of Economy Science and Innovation, Belgium

The Secretariat supports the day-to-day activities of the IIBN in accordance with the IIBN Charter. The VIB-UGent, International of Plant Biotechnology Outreach has assumed the role of Secretariat during the establishment fase of IIBN.

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