16 – 27 October 2017: Specialist Course Biosafety in Plant Biotechnology

During this two week course, participants are introduced to the most important characteristics of the topics related to the field of biosafety in plant biotechnology, in particular GM crops. The program includes an introductory section to plant breeding, molecular genetics and plant biotechnology applications for agriculture and industry. Following this introduction, an overview of national and international regulatory systems is included. The course then continues with the basic principles and methodologies of risk assessment, environmental safety assessment and food/feed safety assessment. The basic program is finalized with a section on public perception and communication of GM crops and food.
The program is further complemented with examples and experiences on GM crops regulations and/or assessment from Europe (the European Food Safety Authority), Africa, the US, and South America.

The program also includes one day of student presentations. Students will present a 15 minutes overview of plant biotechnology related topics. The topic will be announced to each participant once the registrations are closed.
Draft program October 2017


  • Prof. Sofie Goormachtig (VIB/UGent, Belgium)
  • Dr. Sylvie De Buck (VIB/UGent, Belgium)
  • Prof. Piet van der Meer (UGent and VUB, Belgium)
  • Prof. Patrick Rüdelsheim (UGent and Perseus, Belgium)
  • Prof. Marc De Loose (UGent and ILVO, Belgium)
  • Prof. Kathy Messens (UGent, Belgium)
  • Dr. Marc Heijde (VIB/UGent, Belgium)


This course aims at training scientists as well as law specialists in biosafety expertise and evaluation. Participants should hold a Master degree of Science in Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Bio-engineering Sciences, Medicine or Law or equivalent and have a good knowledge of English.
A maximum of 50 participants will be accepted. Preference will be given to Ph.D students from the doctoral schools.
Application and participation (when accepted) for the PhD students from the UGent doctoral schools Life Sciences and Medicine, (Bioscience) Engineering, Natural Sciences and Arts, Humanities and Law, is free.
Application and participation (when accepted) for other PhD students: 250 Euro
Application and participation (when accepted) for other researchers: 450 Euro
Submit by sending your Application-Form-2017-2018, to
sylvie.debuck@vib-ugent.be or ipbo@vib-ugent.be


Dr. Sylvie De Buck
Technologiepark 3
B-9052 Zwijnaarde
+32 264 52 68



International Plant Biotechnology Outreach (IPBO)
    • IIC-UGent
      Technologiepark 3
      9052 Gent (Zwijnaarde), Belgium
      • At the front of the railway station “Gent Sint-Pieters” take bus 70 (direction Zwijnaarde), bus 71 (direction Nazareth) or bus 72 (direction Merelbeke). Get off at the stop marked “Bollebergen” (the first stop after the bridge over the canal and the motorway). The Technologiepark is straight in front of you on the other side of the soft verge. Walk into the park to the roundabout and then straigth on. Pass the VIB-UGent research building and then turn the next street right. You will find the IPBO offices further down the road on your left.




  • Dr. Sylvie De Buck (IPBO, VIB/UGent, Belgium)



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