Recommended books

picture Using Natures shuttle 3:2

Using Nature's Shuttle

The book passes on the true story of what young scientists in a public Belgian university learned about a million-year-old single cell soil bacterium.

The author, Judith M. Heimann, a former diplomat and writer of non-fiction books.

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The GMO Revolution

GM crops symbolize an important evolution in plant breeding. An evolution that is based on modern plant biotechnology, a new scientific discipline that originated in Belgium at Ghent University and which examines the genetic basis of plant characteristics. This knowledge forms the basis for a range of new strategies for crop improvements. The GMO Revolution offers a balanced and fact-based insight into how GM crops could be useful in solving current and future issues facing agriculture: from potatoes that can protect themselves against late blight to trees that can be used in biofuel production, to rice that contains more vitamins and wheat with a safe form of gluten.