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October 22th 2017 – Biotech day: IPBO was there!


On October 22nd 2017, Biotech day in Ghent welcomed about 4350 visitors. Young and old had the opportunity to discover how research and food are linked. Several VIB laboratories and companies presented their research and also IPBO was there! At the stand of IPBO, the visitors could discover and taste vegetables and fruits from Africa. Children could fill in a quiz and listen to a 30 minutes lecture “Biotechnology for Africa”.
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June 24th 2017: Launching of the “Marc and Nora Van Montagu Fund”

DSC05664 Friday, June 24th 2017, the “Marc and Nora Van Montagu Fund” was launched in the BELvue museum in Brussels in the presence of politicians, ambassadors, scientists, colleagues and friends of Marc and Nora Van Montagu. Jo Bury, director of VIB, and Jonathan Gressel, Prof. Em. at the Weizmann institute of Science, emphasized during their talk the importance of Marc Van Montagu for the development of Plant Biotechnology, and the importance of this area for the agriculture for Africa. Marc Van Montagu thanked also his wife Nora, because his career would not have been what is today without her support.
The MNVM fund will foster project development and partnerships with Africa, a mission we can only achieve with the generous contributions of individuals or institutes who support our cause.
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East African scientists and regulators attented an advanced biosafety course

Uganda 2015-1

On November 4-13, a 10-day course, organized by IPBO in collaboration with UGent and CIP (International Potato Center), took place in Entebbe, Uganda.
This course was funded with support of VLIR-UOS, the International Potato Center, the 2 Blades Foundation, Ghent University and the Flemish Institute of Biotechnology (VIB).


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UMIP awarded Prof. Marc Van Montagu the title of Doctor Honoris Causa

Features of Santander UMIP (Universidad Internacional Menédez Pelayo) awarded Marc Van Montagu the title of Doctor Honoris Causa during the summer course “Agrobiotechnology and Bioeconomy” held in Santadar in July 2015. Marc Van Montagu delivered also the opening lecture “The Sustainable Development Goals” during that summer course.


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Prof. Marc Van Montagu received the Iran Agriculture Gold Metal

Marc-Van-Montagu_aangepastMarc Van Montagu has been awarded with the Iran Agriculture Gold Metal from H.E. Mahmood Hojjati, Agricultural Minister of Islamic Republic of Iran, during the 9th Biotechnology Congress of Iran.


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IPBO contributed to the VIB initiative “Science on the road”

With the project “Science on the road” (= Wetenschap op stap” in Dutch), VIB wants to make young children familiar with science. International studies demonstrated that especially at the age of 11 and 12, the interest of children for science is created. Therefore, a “real scientist” visits a group of students and tells them in 2-3 hours about his/her research.
For IPBO, Sylvie De Buck went to a school in Nevele, and informed two groups of students about DNA, chromosomes, plant breeding, GMO’s, Golden Rice … After that, the students became scientists themselves and isolated DNA from tomato.
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Prof. Marc Van Montagu appointed as UNIDO Goodwill Ambassador for Agribusiness


Marc Van Montagu, Founder and Chairman of IPBO, has been appointed “Goodwill Ambassador for Agribusiness” by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

LI Yong (General Director of UNIDO): “We want to recognize a remarkable carreer that has brought such dramatic improvements to the lives of the rural poor around the world. By bestowing this recognition on Professor Van Montagu, we want to highlight, from the perspective of UNIDO, the impact of biotechnology on the food and agribusiness industries of the 21th century and beyond” .


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